South East Nortumberland WArgames Group

New Page

August 9, 2011
Added a new page 'LINKS' with links to various other sites run by club members. If I've missed any useful siites just let me know.

Border Reiver 2010

September 4, 2010
The club has just come back from running two games at the Border Reiver show, Project X and a Viking shore raid. Both games seemed to be well received by the public with a number of questions on the viking longships and the terrain boards.
Did manage a few photos of the Viking game before the batteries ran out.

If you check a couple of the clubs individual blogs over the next couple of days their should be some more photos of the games. and http://jonswarg...
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Border Riever Show

July 4, 2010
The club is preparing a demonstration game for the Border Riever show in Newcastle in September. It is based on a viking shore raid against a small saxon village and Church. The terrain boards will be sculpted by a couple of club members, you can follow their progress on one of their blogs This will be a first attempt for these members but things look promising so far.
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